Dear partners!

The policy of PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih (hereinafter referred to as Company) is aimed at anti-fraud measures. Both inside and outside our company, we adhere to a zero-tolerance anti-fraud policy and take necessary measures to prevent fraud. Company warns against transactions with unscrupulous market participants who distribute fictitious commercial offers for the sale of steel products via the Internet and by e-mail, supposedly on behalf of Company or companies affiliated with it.
Please keep in mind that all e-business correspondence, which is conducted on behalf of Company or other affiliated enterprises of the ArcelorMittal group, is conducted only from corporate servers. All Company email addresses have the following domain name:

None of the officials of Company, including sales managers and company management, conducts correspondence with clients from the mail servers like,,, etc.

Official correspondence of Company excludes the possibility of communication or redirection to any other domain names. Receipt of a message asking for communication in any other alternative way, including through other mail servers, which, for example, are indicated in the signature of an Company employee, is a sign of fraud.

Company does not use free e-mail services to discuss the terms of cooperation and / or transactions. Company and its affiliated enterprises do not establish contractual relationship and do not provide guarantees of delivery of products in absentia via the Internet and e-mail.

Company reserves the right to take legal actions to prevent fraudulent activity of unscrupulous market participants.

Be kindly reminded, that Article 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for criminal liability for the unlawful use of a trade-mark for goods and services, trade name and qualified designation of the origin of goods. At the same time, the liability provided by the following norm is actively applied in practice. So, only in the last 5 years in Ukraine, following the data from open sources (in particular, USRLC), about 100 convictions were issued against crime committers. Thus, the rights of ArcelorMittal group of companies in regards to its trademark for goods and services, as well as its own trade name, are protected not only by civil law, which gives the right to recover the damage caused to the company, but also by criminal law.

To avoid deals (contracts, agreements) with unscrupulous participants of metal products market:

1.Please note that the contact details of the representatives of Company who are authorized to discuss the sales of steel products of Company are listed on the Company's website.

Company is not responsible for any negative consequences that could arise from the discussion of the sales of steel products of Company with anyone other than the authorized sales representatives of Company.

2.We recommend:

2.1 If you receive an email with a proposal to sell steel products of Company to you:
• visit the official website of Company and make sure that you received the proposal from an authorized sales representative of Company. The website also provides information on the names of the authorized representatives of Company, their official emails.

2.2 In case you receive any information and/or deal (its copy) where one of the parties is Company (e.g. a power of attorney or a contract (agreement) or information with reference to them) from a person whose data are absent on the website of Company, please contact an authorized representative of Company (see the contact details on the website) and check the reliability of the information and/or deal you received.

We will appreciate any information on all the cases of fraud against Company.