We believe that people make a successful business!

ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine is a place where people meet, develop, exchange experience, generate ideas and discuss new projects. This is the space where the future of the enterprise is created!

ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine is a training center of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih where employees can gain new knowledge, develop and exchange professional experience.

ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine is the Campus of the corporate ArcelorMittal University in Luxembourg along with Campuses in other countries where ArcelorMittal operates. ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine was opened on September 22, 2014, and since then more than 230,000 people have studied here.

ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine includes an updated building of the educational center with 25 classrooms with total capacity of up to 650 people per day, and a safe work performance training center with 4 classrooms with a capacity of up to 60 people per day and 4 simulators for practicing work skills in various working conditions.

 ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine covers the following activities:

  • Multiskilling via retraining and gaining new skills, skills upgrade for professional activity expansion;
  • Health & Safety trainings;
  • English language training and competencies development via trainings and business games.

Both adults and children study at ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine. The age of students is from 6 to 70 years.

Work at the University is organized according to international standards and modern technological innovations. One of the advantages is the possibility to conduct training in an external form, which provides the possibility of independent training materials study and attending consultations at a convenient time for the employee. Equally important is the fact that studies and trainings can take place online (with the help of video communication applications) and directly in the University's classrooms.

A lot of attention is paid to health & safety trainings as life and safety of our employees is one of the main strategic goals of the company. Its achievement should be reflected by zero injury rates.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goal, in 2019, a large-scale educational project on occupational safety was launched with the aim to increase the level of knowledge on health & safety and improve the culture of safe operations. At the first stage of the project, Safety Leadership training was provided for managers. The focus of the program is leadership and mentoring as important components of safety culture.

In December 2022, the second stage of the project started. At this stage every blue-collar and specialist will undergo a three-day training Take Care.

Main goals of the project are:

  • Increasing people's interest in their own safety and safety of their colleagues;
  • Development of risk assessment and elimination skills;
  • Acquaintance with the actions that can protect against accidents while performing works;
  • Encouragement to create safer working conditions.

As of 2023, more than 1,200 managers took part in Safety Leadership training and more than 2,000 employees took part in Take Care training.

2023 in figures:

  • 19213 employees have been trained, including 415 employees retrained, 1196 gained new profession to expand their professional experience, 17602 employees attended vocational and one-topic trainings;
  • Training on more than 390 educational topics provided;
  • More than 1,5 million hours of training, an average of 82 hours per employee.

We will be glad to welcome everyone who wants to develop at ArcelorMittal University in Ukraine!

Address: Kryvorizhstali street 1 (3 dilnytsya)